Lulu Men Studio is a multimedia creative studio founded by Lulu Men in 2014. We specialty in produce creative contents in the form of photography, graphic design, promotional videos and documentary works.


Lulu Men is an artist/filmmaker based in New York City, she has also lived in China and Singapore. Lulu studied at the School of Visual Arts and The New School. She found her passion and voice for arts, experimenting with different mediums through graphic design, paintings, and sculptures. After received her BFA from SVA, she proceed her study at MFA Social Documentary Films, where she continued to grow as an artist, express and speak with film. Lulu received her Masters Degree in May 2016. She continued to work on films on social issues. 

Her works has exhibited at "Global Projects" at Broadway Gallery, NYC in August 2013 and February 2014. as well as SVA Social Documentary Thesis Showcase 2016 and at The New School in 2017.